- This website is operated by BCLEVR, owned by Bclevr.
- By providing personal data to BCLEVR and / or through the website, the Visitor, User or Supplier authorizes that their personal data be used and treated by BCLEVR under the terms and conditions described below.


- BCLEVR is committed to maintaining the privacy and confidentiality of all information provided by Visitors, Users or Suppliers. This Privacy Policy establishes the measures taken by BCLEVR regarding Personal Data collected directly from the Visitor, User or Professional and / or through the website, in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law and other applicable legislation, either both at national level and at community level. The term 'Personal Data' refers to all personal information provided by the Visitor, User or Suppliers, such as, in particular, the following:
- Users: Name, e-mail, contact, postal code, detailed data of the budget request;
- The details of the budget requests are available to all Suppliers who are enrolled in this category of service and region, and the User's personal contacts (name, e-mail and contact) will only be available to Suppliers who purchase this budget request.
- Suppliers: Name, e-mail, contact, profile data (service description and profile photographs, logo and portfolio), website, billing address, taxpayer number, professional credentials / licenses and validation of social networks.
- Data provided by Suppliers is available to Users whose request for budgets have been acquired by these Professionals. The data is also always available to BCLEVR, who may contact them freely, not only to encourage the purchase of credits, but also to clarify doubts.
- In order to ensure the transparency of the services provided, BCLEVR registers and updates the User and Professional profile, including the evaluations made and any comments published, which are available to users of the website.
- BCLEVR does not include information and comments regarding services rendered that, by virtue of applicable legal provisions, are objectively unlawful, offensive or constitute a manifest offense to the honor, good name and integrity of those who are referred to in them.
- No information contained in the BCLEVR website may be divulged without the express consent of those who provided them and always in strict compliance with the legal obligations applicable to each case.
- Information obtained through the use of the BCLEVR website may only be used for the purpose of accomplishing a particular request or service, and may not be for any other purpose or disclosed in any way, unless expressly authorized by the provider and the previously determined effects.
- BCLEVR acknowledges that the information provided by Users and Suppliers may be protected by the Copyright and Related Rights Code.
- By using the website and consequent acceptance of this Privacy Policy, Users and Suppliers of the website, and holders of intellectual property rights that may contain information they provide, freely accept and authorize BCLEVR to use the same for the purpose of any marketing campaigns that are in force, sending of information about new products and regular updates of the platform that are of interest to the user, sending information regarding services and for purposes of market research and marketing.
- All Visitors, Users or Suppliers accept and acknowledge that, for the use and consequent acceptance of this Privacy Policy, the copyright regarding the construction, process, procedures of use, presentation, disclosure and others related to the website itself belong exclusively to BCLEVR, and in any case, any use may not be reproduced, disclosed or otherwise made without the express prior written consent of BCLEVR
- Any abusive use of copyright will be punished under the law.


- We are constantly improving our resources and adding new features to the BCLEVR website as well as to existing services. Thus, due to these constant changes and improvements and the evolution of the technology itself, our data processing practices may also change. Whenever there is any change to this Privacy Policy, BCLEVR will notify the Visitor, User or Suppliers as well as the local responsible authority, in cases required by law.


- By choosing to purchase products or services from the BCLEVR website or to receive additional BCLEVR information, the Visitor, User or Supplier may be asked to provide the following information: name, address, e-mail address, telephone number and payment details. You may also be asked to provide demographic information so that BCLEVR can provide you with a more personalized service. The information provided will be archived in the BCLEVR databases, either manually or by electronic means. BCLEVR may supplement information provided by the user with information provided by third parties, such as, for example, if an incorrect postal code is provided, BCLEVR may use third parties to correct this data.


- The Personal Data provided will be used by BCLEVR in the provision of the requested service. The User will only be requested the Personal Data strictly necessary and relevant to the provision of the service. The information will be sent by BCLEVR to the address or e-mail provided by BCLEVR. BCLEVR may also request and collect User Personal Data for the following purposes:
- Sending information about new products; - Regular updates that BCLEVR considers of interest to the User; - Sending requested information about products and services;
- For market research and marketing purposes; - For internal use in the administration of BCLEVR website and improvement of services provided.


- Suppliers may activate / cancel e-mail reminders of new budget requests through their personal area.


- In addition to the collection of data by the above means, BCLEVR uses technology that allows the collection of information about the users of the BCLEVR website. For example, the site server automatically gathers information on which pages are visited, the user's IP address, and which navigation program is used. This technology does not allow you to personally identify the user, serving only for statistical purposes.
- BCLEVR website contains links to other pages. Technology may also be used to monitor how often these links are used and which pages are most viewed. Again, this technology does not allow you to personally identify the user; it is solely for statistical purposes.


- In order to collect the information referred to in the previous paragraph, temporary cookies may be used that will remain in the cookie file of the user's browsing program until it is closed. Cookies by themselves do not serve to identify the user. The cookie is a small piece of information sent to the user's server and stored on the user?s computer hard drive, causing no damage to it. The user can program his navigation program in order to be notified whenever he receives a cookie, so that he can choose to accept or reject it.
- We also use the user's IP address to help diagnose problems with the user?s server and to administer our site. The IP address is a numeric code that identifies a computer on the network, or in this case, the Internet. The user's IP address is also used to collect demographic information. We may also conduct IP surveys to determine from which domain the user left (i.e.,, to better measure user demographics


- BCLEVR does not disclose, sell or distribute the Personal Data collected to third parties that have no relation to the provision of service, unless otherwise stated and in the following situations:
- In order to provide the user with requested information or products, the Personal Data provided may be transferred or shared with other companies belonging to BCLEVR or third parties acting on behalf of BCLEVR for further processing in accordance with the purposes for which the data was collected or in the cases authorized by the user. For example, sometimes a third party may have access to Personal Data to support information technology or to manage correspondence on behalf of BCLEVR.
- The contacts provided will be kept in our database and may be used to occasionally send you information by email or mail about products and services similar to those contracted by the user, which may be considered of interest to the same. If you do not wish to receive this kind of information, you must proceed in accordance with the 'Cancellation' chapter. In the cases in which the user has consented, his Personal Data may be shared with other companies belonging to BCLEVR or divulge the same data to other companies that may contact the user about his products or services that may be of interest to the user.
- BCLEVR may share, transfer or disclose information from its server database and records in legally enforceable cases, in the administration of justice, by interacting with anti-fraud databases, to protect vital user interests, to protect the security or integrity of our databases or website, to take action against legal liability, or in the case of the sale, merger, reorganization, dissolution or other of BCLEVR. BCLEVR will inform the user in case of transfer or disclosure of the data, according to the legally required.
- Whenever appropriate, prior to disclosing Personal Data to a third party, BCLEVR will contractually establish with that third party the obligation to take all necessary measures to protect the data received and to comply with applicable legislation in this regard.


- To change the Personal Data, the User must send a request in writing and indicate which data needs to be changed.
- To change the Personal Data, the Suppliers must access their personal area and edit their information.


- BCLEVR website may contain links to sites not operated by BCLEVR. These links are made available for your convenience only and do not imply endorsement or acceptance of the activities of those third parties or any association with those operators. BCLEVR does not control such sites and is not responsible for its privacy and data policy. We recommend that you inform yourself about the Privacy Policy before using any site or providing your Personal Information.


- If the User or Supplier is in a country other than the one where BCLEVR servers are located, communications may result in a transfer of information across borders.
- By visiting our website and communicating with BCLEVR by electronic means, the User or Supplier authorizes the processing and transfer of their Personal Data as established in this Privacy Policy.


- This Privacy Policy is an integral part of BCLEVR Website Terms and Uses. In case of controversy or claim of any nature related thereto the applicable legislation is applied, regardless of any conflict of laws applicable.
- All legal actions or proceedings arising out of or relating to this Privacy Policy, its validity, enforcement, compliance or non-compliance, or the subject matter of this Privacy Policy, shall be the jurisdiction of the courts, and the parties declare that they irrevocably submit to the jurisdiction Courts in the cases indicated.