Answer some specific questions about the service or product you want. We will share your answers with experienced professionals. Your email and phone number will be kept secret, so there will be no spam.


In a few hours, the 5 most interested professionals will send you a quote. You will receive the 5 free quotes in your email box. Each one includes:

Personalized message
Customer reviews
Business profile
Contact info


Analyse quotes and explore the business profile and reviews of each pro. Talk or send messages to them if you need more information. When you're ready, hire the right pro.


What is an User?
An User is the person who introduces a quote request.

What is a Professional?
A Professional is a person registered on Bclevr whose purpose is to respond to quote requests in order to get more work and new clients.

What is Bclevr?
Bclevr is an online platform that automatically connects people who want a service or product with the professionals who provide that service or market that product.

What will Bclevr do for me?
Whenever you want a service or product, Bclevr sends you price quotations from up to 5 Professionals.

How much does it cost to use Bclevr?
Nothing. Bclevr is a free service.

How does Bclevr work?
You only have to search and select the service or product that you want.
Bclevr notifies the Professionals who provide this service or have this product for sale and give you up to 5 proce quotations from the 5 Professionals who have been most interested and available to perform the service or sell you the product you want.


How do I reach the category of service or product for which I want to receive price quotations?
There is a search field on every page of Bclevr and you have two ways to search for your service or product category.
a) Write what you are looking for in the What do you look for? field and see if any of the suggested results are what you want.
If so, just select the suggestion you want, type in the Where do you search? area or the postal code of the place where you want the service or product and click the Get Quotes .
If what you are looking for does not appear in the suggested categories, you can try out other words to see if any of them makes what you want appear.
b) If all this fails, then you just need to go to the right field Or Browse the Directory and choose the area that best fits your search button Get Quotes.
You will be taken to the main category page where you will have access to all the services or products that we have in this area so that you can then select what you are looking for.

Do I need to register with Bclevr?
No. Only Professionals must have Bclevr account in order to be able to provide prce quotations for services and products.

What data will I be asked for to place a quote request using Bclevr?
We just ask for your name, email and phone number. Nothing else.

Is my data submitted into Bclevr public?
No. No one has access to either your data or the quote requests you submit.
The data is protected, encrypted and will be made available only to the 5 Professionals available for the service or product you need.

With what areas of activity does Bclevr work?
With almost all you can remember!
From contractor services to do the remodeling that you dreamed with for your house or mathematical tuttors for the next tests, by hiring a drone pilot to film your party, to the purchase of pants that will make you look the bomb or a backpack for your next trip, we work with Professionals related to thousands of categories of services and products.

Can I use Bclevr as a User and as a Professional?
You can. Given the wide range of services and products in Bclevr, it is very natural that many users want to receive price quotations for some type of service or product they need, while at a professional level, they can register Bclevr to estimate for other services they provide or products they market.


How many price quotations will I receive for the service or product I want?
Bclevr gives you up to 5 estimates for the service or product you want.

I already submitted the quote request. Now what?
Once you submit the quote request, you will receive an email asking you to click on the link presented in order to validate the request.
Once you do, the request is activated and you no longer need to do anything else.
Soon you will receive a second email with the summary of the quote request that you just activated.

How long does it take to receive the price quotations for the service or product that I want?
The whole process is extremely simple and fast. You should receive the estimates within the first 24 hours, up to a maximum of 120 hours.


How do I receive the price quotations for the service or product that I want?
Whenever you submit a quote request for the service or product you want, you will receive an email with the link to a page created exclusively for your quote request.
It is in this page created exclusively for this quote request that you will be able to consult all the proposals.

Do the different estimates all come at the same time?
No. It will depend on each Professional, but you will receive all within the first 24 hours, up to a maximum of 120 hours.

How do I access the page created exclusively for my quote request?
In all emails that you receive after the validation of your quote request, you will always have a follow button to access the page.
So, whatever you want to do, just open the last email you received from Bclevr.

How do I know that I have already received all the estimates I had to receive?
When all the Professionals interested in your service or product have sent you their respective price estimates, you will receive an email explaining it.
From this moment on, the page created exclusively for your quote request will already contain all the estimates.

I have already received all price quotations. Now what?
Now, on the page created exclusively for your quote request, you can consult all the price quotations.
This page gives you all the tools to do an excellent analysis of each estimate.
You can see each Professional and their quotation, their photo and profile, their score and comments from other Users. You can even get in touch with each of them if you wish.
When you're ready, hire the right Professional for you!

I have already examined the quotations. What do I do with the ones I do not like?
Once you have received all the price quotations, you can, through the page created exclusively for your quote request, reject the quotations you do not like.
To do this, click the Reject this quotation button associated with the quotation you dont like.

I have already examined all price quotations and have already choose one. How do I hire this Professional?
Once you have received all the estimates, you can, through the page created exclusively for your quote request, aprove a price quotation and hire the respective Professional.
To do this, simply click on the Accept and hire this Professional button associated with the respective quotation you are going to accept.

I have already accepted and hired a Professional for the intended service or product. Now what?
Now have nothing more to do. Once you clicked on the Accept and hire this Professional button, he have been notified of it and will contact you as soon as possible.
From this moment, you will deal directly with the Professional.
The work of Bclevr is done!